Health & Beauty: What Does Acne Say About Our Body?


Do any of you believe in face mapping? Or whether acne that appears on your face actually indicates a problem with another part of your body? Here are some beauty facts originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine that I've read that some people think are more fiction than fact. Judge for yourself.

To save you all from this entry becoming a medical encyclopedia, I'm only going to touch on a few specific places on the face and encourage you all to research further if you want to learn more.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that the face exposes many things about how our body works. Not only does our face reveal physical ailments, but they also show emotional issues that we may be having.

For example, acne on the forehead and side of the face and ears show problems in the bladder and kidney, physically. They could also physically reveal reproductive, bone, hair, and urinary issues. Emotionally, acne could reveal fear and lack of self-discipline.
Areas on the forehead may indicate problems with the gall bladder. Physically, this could mean problems with digestion. Emotionally, your acne could reveal indecisiveness and issues with courage.

For more about face mapping and what it means emotionally as well as physically, click here to read more: Spot Positions, Acne Locations and Chinese Face Mapping

For remedies to acne in relation to face mapping, click this link to see solutions outlined by Dr. Wang Zheng Hu: Acne Face Map - The Location of Pimples and their Underlying Causes.

NOTE: This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to acne, do not mistaken this for professional or actual medical information, especially in regards to cystic acne. Please consult a doctor and/or dermatologist for further information.

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