[FF] I Play Carries Like Supports

The other night, we had an interesting game of DotA 2 where we were stomping the other team. After much friendly banter with the other team, a guy exclaimed that girls don't play the game and hence one of our players (who actually, in fact, is a guy) could not have been a girl (we had two girls on our team, by the way). I have to confess that the only time I play DotA is when I know at least 2 people who are in the same team. The reason I do this is because the DotA community ranges from "sore-loser" pubs (mostly noobs) and rarely do you get matched with people who actually play well and don't try to smack talk you for the smallest thing.

Which brings me to my Favourites Friday topic of the week. For anyone who plays MOBA games, they will understand what I mean by my blog title. I am here to share why I play and why I love certain heroes. So, without further ado, this is my top 5 list of favourite DotA 2 heroes:

5) Dazzle

Dazzle, the Shadow Priest, is a ranged intelligence hero who specializes in healing and ensuring the survival of his teammates, making him an incredibly hard support...or a really douche-y KS-er.

Dazzle is a support hero I play when I want to edge myself closer to cardiac arrest. Lots of pressure goes into playing Dazzle because all of his spells are active and he is most likely the one to get Urn of Shadows, Mekansm, and Pipe of Insight. Counting all those, plus basic attacking and denying, that equates to about a minimum of 9 active keys at Dazzle's disposal AT ALL TIMES. Oh...and this is not including having Force Staff and Necronomicon (I hate that book).

4) Bane

Atropos the Bane Elemental, known simply as Bane, is a ranged intelligence hero who has the possibility of being a huge nuker, but I play him as a support.

Bane is fun because I love being able to help my teammates disable enemies. Yes, once or twice I've caught creeps in Nightmares (hey don't hate...happens to the best of us), but when done right with disabling two enemy heroes with my Fiend's Grip (holds an enemy in place for a minimum of 5 seconds) and Nightmare (deals damage per second and "stuns" enemy), Bane can be a carry's best friend. Oh and don't tell me to get Necronomicon because I said it before, I hate it, and I much rather not get raged at for not using it.

3) Kunkka

Admiral Kunkka is the only melee strength hero I play, and although most melee strength heroes are played as Carries...I play Kunkka as a support.

I love playing Kunkka because of his second skill, Tidebringer, which deals cleave and increased damage when Kunkka strikes an enemy hero or creep. This is incredibly annoying early game when the enemy hero is trying to farm. Also, Kunkka's ulti, Ghost Ship, is an amazing area strengthener for teammates and stunner/damage dealer over time for enemy heroes. Not to mention, the animation is mighty cool.

2) Crystal Maiden

Rylai the Crystal Maiden is possibly the squishiest ranged intelligence hero in the game. Despite this, she is a strong support and disabler. She is also lovingly known as "the Ward Bitch".

I like to play Crystal Maiden because she makes a big impact, while being the weakest person in the roster. Arcane Aura gives all allied heroes additional mana regeneration and she doesn't even have to be right next to you. This is amazing if most of your teammates are mana/spell dependant. I like that Crystal Maiden may appear to be really ditzy and annoying to most people, but her Frostbite (hold) and ulti, Freezing Field, are incredibly deadly when done correctly.

1) Windranger/Windrunner
Lyralei the Windranger, formerely named (and forever will be despite controversy) Windrunner is a ranged intelligence hero who I play mostly as a support but on occasion as a solo offlaner. She is my most played hero to date.

I love Windrunner because she is incredibly versatile. Her Shackleshot can disable two heroes at the same time if done correctly. She can use Powershot to scout as well as deal damage to a number of heroes (if they happen to be standing in a straight line). She has an escape ability that can also be used in conjunction with dealing attacks as well as giving her temporary 100% physical evasion. Finally, her ulti, Focus Fire, can be used to help push enemy towers. Seriously, what's not to love about a hero who can do all that, huh?

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