[WW] BC Liberals Elected for Majority Government

Congratulations to the BC Liberals for pulling out an overwhelming majority vote.

Image courtesy of the Globe and Mail
Here's an informative and to-the-point Globe and Mail article about what happened with the provincial election: BC Election 2013: Who won, who lost, and what happens now?

Yes, the pre-election polls were wrong. I don't understand why people rely on those things so much considering the demographic they reach (via telephone) and the media hubs that cover and misinterpret based on their own bias.

Could it be the lack of actual voting support that is the reason why the Liberals were able to pull a majority win? BC Elections has made it super easy for people to vote anywhere with plenty of voting dates prior to May 14th. Here is some media coverage on voter turnout: Voter turnout in BC Elections 2013: Slightly higher than 2009 and Poor voter turnout continues to be an issue in BC

How do you feel about how the provincial election went?

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