[TT] What's My Name?

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem come up or whether it only applies to Asians.

Last week, I passed my Class 5 driving test and was directed to get the new BC Services Card. However, there was a problem connecting accounts (ICBC and health care) at ICBC so I had to call BC Health to solve the problem.

Image courtesy of the government of BC.
When I called BC Services Card's help line, I was told that they couldn't sync the accounts because I had two different names. Now apparently I'm not the first to have this problem. The new BC Services Card takes my name as it appears on my Canadian citizenship card. However, my Chinese name (which I do not consider my first name) was written first. My driver's license has my English name as my first name.

Most of you are probably gonna be like, "it doesn't matter" and "I have that difference too." But why is the government so insistent on following my citizenship card now when they weren't so concerned before?

Since this is the first time I've encountered this problem, I'm not sure what the implications are. To my knowledge, for instances with wills, we'll have to declare all known names. But what about places that won't recognize more than one name?

Let me know if you've had this problem too and what it means to you!

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