[FF] Being Grateful for the Things I Have!

The major benefit of preparing for Favourites Friday is the idea of being grateful for what I have. Even if there are only a few superficial items, I definitely feel that it allows me to reflect on my week and just be thankful.

One of the major things that has taken over my week and  will do so for many more weeks to follow, is the International Qualifier tournaments. For those who don't know what it is, The International is a Dota 2 tournament that is a pretty big deal. The International tournament is in August and currently, the West Qualifier  tournaments are well underway and the East Qualifiers will soon follow. These Qualifier tournaments determine the three remaining spots reserved to compete in the International. Despite tuning into games at European time (which is the ungodly morning hours for us in the Western hemisphere), I've thoroughly enjoyed checking out the teams before the actual International tournament.

In related favourites news, the sale of a Compendium (see previous post about it here) contributes to a prize pool and Valve has set stretch goals for meeting certain figures. Currently, we have reached the third stretch goal of 2mil and are awaiting Valve's announcement of a new courier modifier and HUD skin.

Other favourites of the week:

DJ Kitty Coda: her style and musical taste (click here to access her Facebook page)


This song: JON MCXRO - Give It Up (Feat. Miguel)

This video of Dota 2 pro, xiao8 (of LGD) on Chinese dating show, 百里挑一.

"不管是我送的一血, 二血, 或者三, 四血...你都會陪我不離不捨的打到最後嗎?"

That's all for this week, folks! Hope you all liked my favourites of the week and that you look forward to seeing what I have to share next week!

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