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Today, I wanted to share a video I found about the Luka Magnotta case via CBC. I recommend anyone interested to watch it and get a glimpse into Magnotta's mind and an overview of the case coverage. Click here to see the Fifth Estate's coverage on the hunt for Magnotta.

Image courtesy of TuxBoard
Magnotta's story is a disturbing one. For those who have forgotten, Magnotta is accused of the murder of Jun Lin. The case drew media attention when asevered foot was mailed to the Conservative party of Canada in Ottawa, a severed hand was intercepted by Canada Post addressed to the Liberal Party, another foot was sent to St. George's School in Vancouver, and another hand was sent to False Creek Elementary School in Vancouver.

RIP Jun Lin. Image courtesy of National Post.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about this case because that would take forever. However, I strongly encourage people to conduct their own research about this case.

I admit to watching the snuff video of the murder of Jun Lin with my mom as a part of understanding the case and I couldn't stomach it. Magnotta is currently charged with first-degree murder and has plead not guilty. This case will take years before a conviction.

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