Journey to Self-Discovery (New Years Resolutions)

They say it takes something major to force you to change.

At the beginning of twenty-fifteen, I had already predicted that it would be a year of change and stress. Little did I know that the events that would happen would bring me to the me that I am today.

Twenty-fifteen proved to be one of the toughest years I had to ever go through, mentally and emotionally. I know that in a couple of years, this year will fade into mere memory and no longer affect me.

Until then, I have never been more happy to embrace the new year. Although I am not able to just turn off what has happened to me the past year, I am determined to embrace the cliché of starting anew in the new year.

I was going to write an entry containing concrete resolutions, but as I sat down to type...I found myself at a loss for words. Since my blog is centered around illusions and perspectives, I decided I will share a broader resolution for the new year.

For twenty-sixteen, I want to first and foremost learn to care for myself. The past year, I neglected my mental health and as a result, my physical health suffered.

I want to become a person that I can be proud of.
I want to give thanks rather than apologize for my existence.
I want to create memories worth looking back on.
I want to cherish the relationships and the people I have in my life.

And most of all...

I want my actions to be based on a foundation of love, generosity, and understanding.

Maybe then, I will learn to find happiness within myself.

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