My Perception on LOVE Right Now

Love is an abstract concept.
Love is a concept and a phenomenon that depends on the beholder of same.

There are also many concepts that mimic love but are simply not so:
Crushes, lust, infatuation, pride.

Over the span of my short life, I've only started to begin to understand what love is.
First and foremost, love is a growing experience and definitely not a game or some sort of time to test another person.

In young "love", we hear about many psychological tricks played between couples to somehow gain an upper-hand on the relationship.
I myself am guilty of such foolishness, but I feel social pressures aided in the facilitation of such foolishness as well.

Nowadays, with time spent alone or with people who have displayed unconditional love to me, I have learned that love comes in many forms.

I think that love, absent of any religious subtext, is a form of acceptance.
It is an admiration that does not stem from pride, but allows a person to be proud.
It is a willingness to support a person knowing full well their flaws and imperfections.
It is a willingness to embrace the things happening in your life as well as another person's life.

Don't get me wrong. Not everyone can love as idealistically as this interpretation of love may seem.
People say that when you love someone, it is easy.
But hear me out when I say, love is easy...maintaining relationships and reminding yourself of love is hard.

I attended a wedding yesterday where the couple showcased a "Fight Box" where they would write letters reminding each other why they fell in love.
When they have their first intense fight, they will open this box and read the letters and, with this willingness, choose to settle their differences with love.

Someone once said to me that they realized love is something that develops over time.

Lately, I'm constantly needing to evaluate whether the love (for family, friends, and special people in my life) I possess is in line with the interpretation that I have and is something that I can proudly boast about. For now, dear readers, I can confidently say I know this love, but what I do with it is to be seen, through the test of time.

So tell me, what is love to you?

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