[WW] Even Luka Rocco Magnotta Has Fans?

For more information about the case, please refer to my previous post here.

Photograph courtesy of tvanouvelles.ca

After the horrific murder of Jun Lin in early summer of 2012 and subsequently the worldwide manhunt for Luka Rocco Magnotta, the media seems to have dimmed the spotlight on the case. I decided to take to the web to update myself on the progress of the case.

Luka Magnotta faced a preliminary hearing in March of 2013 to which he pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. Although the public was allowed to enter the court-hearing held in Montreal, all evidence presented was subject to a publication ban.

I am blogging today about this event again because the articles that have been floating around the interwebs tells us that even an accused killer of Luka Magnotta's nature has fans. For example, City News Toronto repored that Magnotta has received fan-mail while in prison. The National Post reported that fans had traveled to support Magnotta and were quoted as being "obsessed" with Magnotta and finding him and his former line of work, "attractive".

On top of this alleged support and narcissistic boost to Magnotta, I must direct you to read Maclean's article about Magnotta's various personas and online guises here.

Although there has yet to be a verdict on the case, the facts known to the public all point to Magnotta's guilt. Could there still possibly be any room for support or even fandom for a person accused of committing such a vile and gruesome act?

Lawyers for Magnotta will meet with Crown prosecutors for a pre-trial conference in Montreal on October 9th of this year. Magnotta is set to face trial in September of 2014.

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