Health & Beauty: Witch Hazel

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I took to Google when I was determined to shrink the pores on my boyfriend's nose. I knew that the best way to go was to find a toner that he could use between cleansing and moisturizing and Google led me to WITCH HAZEL. By witch hazel, I mean the astringent.

The extract from the witch hazel plant can be found in distilled versions at your local grocers. I bought mine from London Drugs.

Witch hazel has been used for millions of years to treat swelling, inflammation, and tumors. Originally used by Native Americans by boiling the stem of the plant, the tradition of using this natural plant extract has made its way to modern beauty drawers.

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Personally, so far, I have used the distilled witch hazel as a toner and eye mask.
As a toner, it's difficult to tell whether this or my cleanser is aiding in my shrinking pores. Either way, I will be sticking with it. My face feels nice and taut after use so that is always something I enjoy from skincare products.
As an eye mask, I soaked two cotton pads in the witch hazel astringent and left the pads on my eyes for 15 minutes. As it did with the toner, the skin around my eyes felt taut, as witch hazel is known to help with swelling. I would highly recommend using eye cream after the mask (as with any other mask, moisturizing is important) to make sure your eyes do not dry up.

Other uses that I have yet to try and am extremely interested in when the time comes are using witch hazel to combat razor burns, itching caused by insect bites, bruising, and to treat patches of dry skin!

Have you ever tried witch hazel? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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