[TT] What Does Sex Feel Like For Men?

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I was listening to the radio on the drive home yesterday and the soothing voice of a woman on the radio was talking about how she googled the question "What Does Sex Feel Like to a Guy?" and found this darling little passage:
Imagine a Q-tip being gently swirled deep inside your ear. Suddenly, you have the uncontrollable urge to sneeze, and you do. The resulting explosion expels your brain from your nose, along with fragments of light and energy. You forget your name, imagine yourself riding on a unicorn in a fairytale kingdom, and get an unpopular 80s tune stuck in your head. As the sensory overload subsides, your conscious awareness recollects itself, and you begin to feel a deep and euphoric connection to that Q-tip. You ponder the sacred nature of love, and become very sleepy. You curl up in a fetal position. Goldy Locks steals your covers and three-fourths of the bed, and you drift into a long and slumbering nap.
This passage came from a blog entry that was posted on California Psychics. Read the rest of the blog entry by clicking here.

Now, there's always that belief that men can have emotion-less sex (and well, so can some women), so for someone to write something of this nature brings about the warm fuzzies. Reading the comments, however, people were claiming that this picture that the writer painted is nothing more than a myth. However, I don't doubt that there could be some truth to this. As a woman, I'll never fully know what or how the male counterpart thinks or feels, but I can agree (as stated in the REST of the article that the woman on the radio failed to include) that the sexual experience of a man is different for each...well...man. In fact, I'm sure it's safe to say that EVERYONE'S sexual experience is different.

What do you think about this "description" of male sexuality? As a woman, have you ever questioned what sex is like to the opposite sex? For men, have you ever thought about sex in this way?

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