[FF] My 1st Favourites Friday: 5 Things That Made My Week

Hey guys! So in order not to get stuck on what to be posting about on Fridays, I've decided to do what is known around the blogger-sphere as "Weekly Favourites". Every Friday, I will aim to share what has rocked my world over the week, including hauls, favourite finds, inspirations, etc. Please look forward to this new segment every week!

1. Kate Spade Zip Around Personal Organizer (Wellesley - Black) and 2013 Kate Spade Monthly/Weekly Planner Paper:
I know I'm late to the Kate Spade agenda scene but ever since the launch party of Kate Spade's 2013 Spring/Summer collection, I've been dying to get my hands on the 2013 planner refills that were released. I was debating over ordering online and having it shipped to Point Roberts (since KSNY doesn't do shipping to Canada *sob*) but was quickly persuaded to try my luck at Seattle Premium Outlet. Along with the refills, I fell in love with the black zippered agenda, which also came in a neon orange (amazing also, by the way).

2. My first trip of the year - Seattle Premium Outlet and Bellingham:
Having convinced myself I didn't deserve a vacation because I was so close to graduating, I opted to go along on a one day trip with my bestie (the Twitter-sphere knows him as Crazzysimon). Although the wind and rain left my hair looking less than model-esque, I enjoyed taking the trip down and spending some money I did not have. It was also the first time I had stepped into a Walgreens and *gasp* Trader Joe's.

3. Maple Leaf Breakfast Sausage Rounds:
I'M IN LOVE WITH THESE. When unthawed from the freezer and left in the fridge overnight, a 30 second microwave time is all you need to heat up 2 juicy sausage patties. Add some scrambled eggs and you'll have completed your hearty breakfast in less than 3 minutes! Perfect for late-runners like me!

4. I got to see my boo every single day of this week:
Starting with a date Sunday which started the week rather productively, I was able to shell out time to go see the busy boo every single day. Granted the boo-man was sick over the past week, but it was nice to end this week off fighting the flu bug together!

5. Gas wasted, well worth it:
This week, I only had one class to attend Wednesday before an orthodontist appointment. So come Wednesday morning, I was running late (as usual) and panicking my entire way to school wondering whether the bus would transport me to school before the class ended. Upon arrival, I was stunned to find that the classroom was empty except for the tutor-marker and a lone male student. Quickly making up answers to make it seem like I was prepared to get some work done during this free period [dedicated to working on essays and asking questions about what we've learned so far], I was able to draft an essay outline and have the tutor-marker clarify some of the key points we should be focusing in class. In addition, she gave me and the not-lone-anymore student a hint for the final exam since she had worked with the professor before and understood the professor's exam style. Even though driving to the bus stop to school drains a lot of gas, I was grateful that I didn't get the memo about not attending class.

Hope everyone enjoyed my first Favourites Friday post! This is definitely a very good way of counting our blessings because time seems to just fly. Hope everyone had a great week and may there be many more awesome weeks to come!

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