Happy New Year!

New year, new beginning, new hopes, and new dreams!
Ringing in the new year is not short of making the list of resolutions to remind ourselves of our standing in life as well as aim for future self-improvement!
Here are a few big headliners of my list:

- Quality over Quantity: This year, there is a major need for restrictions in the finance department! The point is to realize what I can do with what I already have and save money for luxury items. Some of the more specific goals are:
-- Forever 21 ban: The major turn-off for Forever 21 is their no-refund option or else this company would not necessarily have been a target of such desperate measure. Truth be told it's better to save for one more expensive item than to succumb to many little purchases.
-- $20 a week set aside: My set-aside for my major splurge by the end of the year =]

- Take calcium twice every day: HEALTH. my gawd. Taking care of myself is a major must this year, since two years ago I screwed over my digestive system/stomach. Another major health thing that I have been good at keeping is banning pop. I've been really good about it so as long as I continue, I don't have to worry about bloating/fattening myself up that way!

- Life Organizer/Planner: Last year I forgot things more than usual and it really creeped me out so I vowed to make myself a Life Organizer binder to keep myself on track. I'll probably make a blog entry when I've finished with that so stay tuned!

- Be more on time: If you know me, you know I have a major issue with being on time. I am convinced I'm cursed in this department just cause it doesn't matter whether I set extra time to get ready, something ALWAYS happens that will make me late. But everything starts with a better sleep schedule and over-estimation of traffic. Go go go.

I'd like to think that these are resolutions I can keep. So as long as I actually keep up with my life organizer, I should be able I motivate myself to keep up with everything~ Besides, posting this on my public blog would definitely help me keep these goals.

So tell me, what are your new year resolutions for 2013?

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