Seeing Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts?

I believe that there is a separation between the body and the spirit, so the idea of ghosts is believable to me.

Last Saturday I was at a restaurant for a friend's birthday when I went to use the ladies' restroom.

The ladies' restroom was well lit and a patron was already in a stall. After finishing my business, I proceeded to wash my hands in the sink. Realizing there was no soap, I looked up to see if there was soap pump on the wall. I saw it when I turned my head to the right.

A figure with no legs, short length black hair with bangs, no eyes, wearing a dark grey top, side-stepped to disappear out of my line of sight behind the wall that separated the sink from the restroom entrance.

I waited for the creak of the door and the sounds from outside fill the restroom, but none came. My eyes shot towards the stall where the other patron was in the stall. The patron was still in the stall.

At first, my mind couldn't register what had just happened, but I shrugged it off and returned to my friends. I told my boyfriend about my encounter and together we walked around the restaurant hoping to find someone who matched my description.

Nobody in the restaurant had short black hair and was wearing a grey top.

Perhaps my mind and my eyes were playing tricks on me, or perhaps there was a very simple explanation for what I saw, but for now I can't explain what happened.

When I was a little girl, I was convinced I had an encounter with a ghost as I lay trying to fall asleep. I heard a voice call my name and a heavy presence near my bed. I was so terrified that I pulled the covers over my head tightly and refused to peek out into the darkness of my room until morning.

Have you ever encountered a ghost? If so, feel free to share your story in the comments!

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