As 2014 Comes to an End...

My dad told me a story today that made me shed a tear or two and I really wanted to share it with all of you. The story goes:

A father asked his son to move a heavy chair made of stone. The son set out to do so to no avail and he returned to his father after some time. His father asked, "have you done all you can to move the chair?" To which the son replied, "yes, father, i've used all my strength and done everything that I can to move it, but I just cannot move the stone chair." The father then shook his head and said, "you obviously did not try your hardest because if you had...you would have asked me for help."

What my dad was trying to tell me in the best way that he could (through a story) was that I should never be afraid to ask for help. It's so often the instinct of children to take on all the burdens of life, but family is the best support system that anyone can have. I'm so lucky to have this family, even though I struggle to show it.

As 2014 ends, I wish all my readers, friends, and family the very best in the upcoming years. 2015 is going to be a life-altering year for me and the people in my life, so let us all brace for whatever the future brings us with strong and open arms.

Also, be sure to keep me a look out for me and this space for future updates!

Be safe tonight, everyone, and let's ring out the old year with lots of cheer!

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