[WW] Should Canada Join the Attack on ISIS?

"Our biggest problem is our allies."
- Joe Biden (US VP)
on the United Arab Emirates & ISIS

So aside from the vice president's swift kick to his own behind (I know it's not about Canada but damn is it funny), the big question looms over whether Canada should join their allies in the south against the terrorist group, ISIS (I know they are also known as ISIL now, but for simplicity sake, I'm going to just say ISIS).

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On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, the House of Commons voted on a motion to contribute CF-18 fighter jets, support aircraft and personnel to the US-led coalition for up to six months which passed 157 to 134. As of now, the motion for air strikes are isolated to Iraq, but the Prime Minister believes that Canada is leaving open the option of extending combat help to Syria, only with the support of the resident governments.

Here is a crude and brief summary of Canada's divided stance on the motion:

Stephen Harper wants in...
ISIS has already displayed violence threatening the safety of Canadians abroad and in our country, so you can see why Harper would be angry and passionate about this entire thing.

As of the vote, Harper has promised that there will be no ground expenditure of troops, proposing a six-month long air strike along with their allies to "ensure regional and global security and, of course, the safety of Canadians".

Needless to say, there is also pressure for Stephen Harper to follow the US into combat against ISIS to instill confidence in their Southern allies on ongoing and prospective military action.

The Liberals want no part in this...
The Liberals are concerned that the Harper government isn't being open about their plans for Iraq.

Air strikes should not be considered until other resources, such as training and medical support, are exhausted. Canada should be taking a non-combat approach. The Prime Minister owes the people of Canada facts and clarity if there is a decision to send citizens to fight against ISIS.

The Liberals fear that if Canada engages in air strikes, there will be no turning back or limiting their role in combating ISIS.

The NDP also want no part in this...
The NDP also worries about the lack of transparency and lack of answers by the Harper government to questions like how much the attacks will cost, how long the attacks will last, and what the government has planned if there is no result of the attacks after the proposed 6 months.

The NDP fully support increasing humanitarian aid (on the ground) in Iraq but not a combat mission. Thomas Mulcair, leader of the NDP, believes that Canada should use their status as leaders in humanitarian aid to help those affected by ISIS rather than combat ISIS directly.

The NDP wonders why the Canadian government is jumping to air strikes, instead of pursuing diplomatic means to aid Iraq with their political unrest.

The people of Canada have also spoken...
Comments on media also show a divide among Canadians.

There is no doubt that humanitarian aid is accepted by all, but the combat (in the air) is what has the Canadians in disagreement.

A majority of people (Maclean's says 2/3 of Canadians) support the motion because they believe the West has already taken their sweet time in stopping the actions of ISIS. ISIS has already declared war on anyone that is against their beliefs, so we must fight back.

Others claim that Canada is falling into the trap that ISIS has laid for the Western world. People believe that the resistance groups (nope, ISIS isn't the only one out there) in Iraq and Syria are eliciting responses from the West and that Canada's inclusion in the mission against ISIS would only lead violence to home turf. In other words, people fear that terrorist groups will journey away from Iraq and Syria and target Western countries.

And now I give you all, my lovely readers, the floor.
What do you think about Canada's part in the combat mission against ISIS?

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