HK Diary: Mind Over Matter

Having been in Hong Kong for less than a month, I realized that the dread that I had previously felt about the fast-paced lifestyle that I would have to adapt to in a short amount of time, was not as I expected.

Today, I had the opportunity to have my eyes opened by a very special individual. By no fault of her own, she is victim of a series of very unfortunate events. Sitting in repressed pain both emotional and physical, she shared with us her fears and the obstacles that she has to face.

"Everything is just excess, so why not go and love?" She said, echoing what a Frenchman had once said to her.

Here was a perfectly good example of how the stresses of Hong Kong life and the struggles of success took its toll on a human body.

"Was it all worth it?" She asked.

Beyond physical ailments, she realized that her biggest obstacle...was herself. Namely, the fear that had manifested inside of her due to her physical restrictions.

So readers, life isn't about blind endurance. Take some time to love others around you...and most importantly, yourself.

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