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Fashion Blocking on Tumblr
I happened across this Tumblr page when I was browsing the Fashion category and let me just say, it is WONDERFUL. This site essentially shows colours taken from runway looks and aids us in understanding A) what colours are very "in" this season, and B) helps us translate these colours into our wardrobe without having to buy specific pieces of clothing! Seriously, this website will change your life.


This game is highly addictive and at higher levels, rather low maintenance (except for the attention to mini games if you land on bonuses). The goal is to play and earn Loyalty Points to redeem for real life rewards at Las Vegas. Why I didn't know about this game before is beyond me.



I've never been a fan of RPG story games only because I never found one that captured my attention. But when a friend of mine insisted I try this one out, I decided it wouldn't hurt to sit through the game. IT WAS ADDICTING. This game is definitely geared for girls, but what I like about this game is that the girl is not as ditsy and air-headed as those you find in Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese dramas. I'm not going to give anything away but my favourite character is Riki.


Oct cover 

BEAUTY the guide Online Magazine
Online magazines are amazing. BEAUTY the guide claims it is the FIRST beauty online magazine and I'm not about to argue that fact! This is amazing because you can subscribe via email and every month you get sent your own FREE digital magazine that features all the latest beauty trends! On top of that, the magazine is designed so that if you like an item, simply clicking on the item will lead you to where you can purchase it!


Rue Magazine (Online)
Speaking about online magazines, here's another one I am obsessed with because it features interior designs as well as various fashion and lifestyle tidbits! Like BEAUTY the guide, you are able to purchase items simply by clicking on the item shown in the digital magazine! Awesome!


I hope you have enjoyed all the free addictions that I've shared. What have been YOUR favourites for the week?

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