What to Wear to The International 3/Gaming Conventions

The International 3 (Dota 2 Tournament) is from August 7-11.

the international 3

Graphic Tees - time to bust out your nerdy/cute/embarassing graphic tees! better yet, a tee featuring your favourite game!
No sleeve/Short sleeve/Long sleeve - depends on your sweat level and temperature of the indoor and outdoor environment!

Maxi Dress - the easiest way to look chic and comfortable and temperature and environment friendly (depending on what you wear over top).

Jean Shorts - or any type of shorts for that matter. some people may opt for full on jeans but who wants to be sitting around in a full leg denim cast? plus these would go with any top so why the hell not?!

Cardigan - a MUST! comfy and keeps you warm indoors and outdoors!

Statement Necklace - I say, why can't you wear a flashy necklace with a graphic tee? huh huh huh???

Statement Earrings - except for hoop earrings. I don't think excited cheering and flying arms are gonna do well for any type of earring that can easily catch on things. ouch.

Minimal Bracelets - this ain't the time for arm candy. other viewers are not gonna appreciate the clinging and clanging of bangles and bells. keep that stuff at home.

Sunglasses - protect your eyes so you can see more! also...JUST IN CASE you get caught reacting funny or OVER-reacting to a certain game and need an escape with these babies.

Cross-body Bag - depending on how much you need with you at all times, a cross-body keeps your hands free and is a good transporter for your essentials.
Messenger/Bucket Bag - if you're like me, you cannot live without everything on you at all times. a bucket bag is the best way to have everything on hand at all times. but PLEASE...filter. else your bag will be a heavy burden more than a life-saver. you'll thank me later.

Sandals - neon for fun! depending on your feet confidence, you can opt for sandals as a comfortable way to go about your day. HOWEVER: only wear sandals if you, A) know that the crowd isn't gonna dance on your toes, and B) you can ensure your feet will not reek later in the day!
Flats - neon for fun as well! need i say more? flats are reliable and fashionable. your feet are gonna thank you for not putting them in heels!

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