Fashion: Styles I'm Digging for Spring 2013

This is a new segment that I'm trying out related to fashion. I want to incorporate fashion, style, and interior designing into my blog because these are topics that I feel deeply for, but my OCD for organization is telling me I need to prototype this topic before I can make it a weekly thing.

As stated previously, I am late in calling the Spring 2013 trend train. You can never really be on time with fashion trends because by the time it is made available in stores I can afford to buy clothes from, the trend is probably overdone or about to be phased out. Having said that, I just wanted to share three trends that I've been loving for Spring 2013.

1) The Strong Shoulders. Raf Simons elegantly displayed, in his Spring 2013 Menswear collection, a notion of fashion and art merging into "gender-confusion". In other words, there is a blurring of lines on what we consider exclusively female or male. I feel that Womenswear is taking a similar turn. On the runways for Spring 2013, we found influences of masculine oversized blazers and tops, fitted with strong shoulders and impeccable tailoring. I like the strong shoulder because it can add polish to a simple ensemble.

Helmut Lang & Prada Spring/Summer 2013 Collections
Images courtesy of StyleBistro.

2) Black and White (and a Dash of Colour). This is more like two trends merged into one. Fashion shows such as Celine and Jason Wu, have consistently wowed us with the use of black and white. Black and white is so easy. If you look into my wardrobe I am all about the monochrome. This is why the spring trend of black and white plus a pop of colour is so appealing to me. I'm slowly introducing more neon/bright colours into my wardrobe but I love how I can always incorporate the canvas of basic black and white and bring attention to one statement piece, whether it be in accessories like a belt or a necklace, or in a top or a jacket!

Rag and Bone and Gucci Spring 2013 Collections
Images courtesy of OnSugar and Posh Beauty.

3) Print Overload. There has been no shortage of mixtures of prints on the runway. Although this trend may be a tad too heavy for the every day, I'm madly in love with it. I have spotted fashion bloggers rocking floral tops and matching bottoms and I would love to get my hands on something like a bold-patterned suit but I've yet to find a budget-friendly version that doesn't make me look like a clown.

Moschino and Proenza Schouler Spring 2013 Collections
Images courtesy of StyleBistro and Harper's Bazaar.

Hope you all liked my fashion shares! Let me know if you would like me to continue making similar posts!

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