[FF] My Favourites Friday: 5 Things That Made My Week

This week has been pretty rough since I came down with the boyfriend's cold/flu (still not quite sure what it was) and I ended up missing school because of it. Not to mention, since work/school deadlines are coming up, the boyfriend and I have been in high stress. But without further ado, here are some of the things that made my week!

1. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer (Total Moisture):
I nearly walked past these little babies and I'm super glad I didn't. I've always been lazy about moisturizing after a shower, but these spray ons are a life-saver, time-saver, and mess-saver. Not to mention you can get to your own back! They currently have three in the line but I bought the Total Moisture one with pure oat extract.

2. Impromptu Dinner/BBT Get-Together:
Thursday night I was supposed to have dinner with the boyfriend when a friend, whom I hadn't seen in a while, called and he joined us for Pho (our usual Pho place closed down though) before going to another friend's bubble tea cafe. All in all, it was an unexpected event that brought good laughs and good conversation.

3. LookBook.nu:
I've had a LookBook account ever since I first discovered it in 2011 but I've spent my time deleting looks than uploading. I've been taking notes from other LookBook-ers and today I tried to apply some of the things I''d learned to try to get a picture I was happy with. Thanks to the bestie (Did you know Crazzysimon was a photographer too?) and the accomodating weather, I managed to snap a few shots on my iPhone. Only the future will tell how long my LookBook career lasts.

4. My Red iPhone Wallet Case:
So since both my sisters had wallet cases for their phones, I figured I should jump on the bandwagon as well. I didn't think it would be that difficult to get a wallet case, but I managed to find one off a vendor in an Asian supermarket. All the sellers over Ebay didn't seem to be very reputable and the white one I had ordered two months ago has yet to arrive (I should really dispute that soon).

5. First Time Eating at Carl's Jr. (Vancouver):
Ever since Carl's Jr. opened a location in Downtown Vancouver, I've been dying to go. I have to say it was well worth the wait! I had left the Guacamole Bacon Thickburger to cool (bad move...it was still okay though) because the Crisscut fries are *bleep*-ing amazing! I could eat them forever!

How has everyone else's week been?

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