[FF] Disclaimer to Fashion Fridays?

Photo courtesy of Olivia Palermo.

When it comes to following fashion trends, the thing I quickly found out was that fashion never sleeps. One moment you think you’ve gotten every major trend predicted for the upcoming season and the next season is already walking down runways in major fashion capitals. Hence, by the time fashion news comes to my attention and I can safely use images that won’t have me dragged off to copyright prison, the news is considered late and outdated. This is why I feel that this post is necessary before I am criticized for my choice in post topics.

First and foremost, I do not claim to be a fashion guru of any sort. I am merely someone who loves fashion...from the art it produces and the clothes I put on myself. I do not claim to follow and agree with every trend and will only showcase those that appeal to me.

Having said that, I am debating whether I should just rename Friday blog entries to "Fancy Fridays", allowing myself the freedom to post about any beautiful thing that has been brought to my attention. My prior intention was to showcase Look of the Days and/or share what fashion knowledge I have accumulated over the past week, but this has been proven difficult and filled with self-conflict.

Any comments and suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Thanks everyone and I apologize for the lack of continuity in blog entries.

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